It’s not always obvious when you need a new Nikasil plating for your cylinder.  Sometimes you really just can’t tell at all. Sometimes you won’t be able to notice any damage or wear on your cylinder walls. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to have your cylinder re-plated. 

How Can You Tell You Need Cylinder Re-Plating

For your cylinder to perform properly,the inside of the cylinder must be exactly round, or at least to be within the required specifications. You won’t notice this just by looking at the cylinder. But in some instances, you may be able tosee some chips and scratches on the plating. That’s a sure sign that you need to have your cylinder re-plated. 

In general, you have to check the cylinder with a dial bore gauge to be absolutely sure, as this can give you measurements that are accurate up to within 0.0001 of an inch. That makes it a suitable instrument for Nikasil plating, which is only a few thousandths of an inch thick. 

The thing with the Nikasil plating is that despite how thin it is, it’s actually quite sturdy and hard.As long as you properly maintain your engine according to factory recommendations, it will last you for many years. It can withstand wear and tear well during all that time, as long as you keep everything clean and tight. 

But not all of us are always that diligent when it comes to maintenance. Mistakes can always happen.Maybe you run your engine even when you’re low on oil. And it’s all too easy to have your cylinder inhale too much dirt and water while we play with our motorcycles. 

When that happens, you need cylinder replating. The new plating can then give you a new lease on life for your cylinder. With proper maintenance, you should be able to last for years before you’ll need the re-plating service again. 

How Much Will Nikasil Cylinder Re-Plating Cost?

Actually, it’ll cost not all that much at all. That’s the beauty of it. 

  • 60cc to 85 cc. $329

  • 100cc to 125cc. $349

  • 126cc to 250cc. $369

  • 251cc to 500cc. $410

These prices are for the stripping and re-plating service, and they already include the Wiseco, ProX, or Wossner piston kit. They also all come with a limited 1-year warranty. 

However, the prices will go up a little if the service is for a European model. Also, if you’re getting a Wiseco piston kit you’ll have to add another $20. Furthermore, the service may require the removal or welding of various parts, and that means additional charges for the labor will also apply. 

In any case, these prices are quite reasonable, when you consider the benefits. So if you ever see any chips or scratches on the cylinder walls, don’t hesitate to call on Kustom Kraft. 

With our Nikasil re-plating service, it won’t be just as good as new. In some ways, it’ll be better! Kustom Kraft has been in the cylinder repair service for decades, and we’ve established one of the most widely-regarded reputations in the business.