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Blaster 240cc Big Bore Kit

Yamaha YFM 200 240cc Big Bore Kit

Want more Fun from your Yamaha Blaster? We've got a big bore kit that will add 20% more
displacement. That represents 20% more torque. More low end where it's really needed.
This affordable big bore kit is easy to install and setup, and is the most reliable mod you
do to gain these kind of numbers.

We do all the machining and supply all the parts.
We sleeve your cylinder, hand match all the ports
and bore the cylinder to the new piston.
We also re-shape the head.
You get a new piston, rings, pin, and top end gaskets.
All you have to do is bolt everything back together and
re-jet the carb. Send us your bare cylinder and head along with the
order form and we'll take it from there

Yamaha Blaster 240cc Big Bore Kit        $450.00*
intake and reed extra
Yamaha YFM Blaster 240 cc Big bore Kit
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