Motorcycle Repair - Certified Mechanic in Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Honda!

Motorcycle Repair - Certified Mechanic in Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Honda!

Crankshaft Rebuilding

If you own a motorcycle, then you probably realize the importance of the crankshaft. It’s connected to the piston rod, which converts the movement of the piston to rotate the crankshaft. The rotation, in turn, sets the motorcycle chain, which then enables the wheels of the motorcycle to turn. In other words, you’re not going anywhere with a faulty crankshaft. And that’s why crankshaft rebuilding is crucial. 

Why Come to Kustom Kraft for Crankshaft Rebuild?

You need to come to us for your crankshaft rebuilding because you’re very likely unable to do their build yourself. To do this work properly, you need to be an experienced technician since a lot of things can go wrong. 

You also need to use advanced tooling and equipment for the task, and these tools will cost you a few thousand dollars if you buy them yourself. But here at Kustom Kraft, we have experienced technicians and the necessary equipment. 

What Happens when the Crankshaft is Faulty?

In some cases, crankshafts are manufactured with larger tolerances. That’s a problem for some aftermarket crankshafts, even when they’re new. Their looser tolerances can result in a wide range of problems. A looser tolerance can result in too much vibration. It can cause excessive wear and tear on the bearings, which can shorten their usable lifespan. It can also result in the loss of power, due to the parasitic drag. 

Improving the Crankshaft

Even new crankshafts can have a tolerance of as much as 0.004 to 0.006-inch radial run out. That kind of loose tolerance isn’t tolerated here. 

We start by carefully disassembling the crankshafts, and then we inspect all the parts very closely. We then clean everything up thoroughly. Part of the job is installing a new rod pin and a new big end bearing. In the end, the crankshaft is balanced (trued) to within 0.002-inch run-out. 

The new ProX rod kits we use are made in Japan, and they’re made out of the most durable alloys available today. The chromed crankpin can stand extreme conditions. The big end bearings are high-end, and they can cope with high RPMs. The line piston pin bearings are designed and developed to OEM standards. The trust washers increase oil retention and reduce the friction between the crank web, washer, and rod. The washers are crucial, and you should always replace the washer whenever you re-press the crank. 


So how much will this service cost? It depends on the motorcycle and the model, but in general, it’s quite affordable. For a 60cc to 80 cc model, it only costs $175. For the100cc to 125 motorcycles, it’s just for $195. And the crankshaft rebuild for 200cc to 250cc is just for $215. 

What about for over 250cc? If that’s the case, you can call us for the price. You just need to be very careful when you’re removing the crankshaft from the engine. You have to make sure that you don’t damage the delicate centers found on each end of the crankshaft. 

Call us, and we can help with your crankshaft issues!

When it comes to crankshaft rebuilding, we at Kustom Kraft are the experts to contact. 

Crankshafts are disassembled, inspected, and cleaned. A new rod pin and a new big end bearing are installed. The crankshaft is trued (balanced) to with-in .002 inch run-out New ProX rod kit, including connecting rod, top and bottom end bearings, crank pin, and thrust washers.

60cc to 80cc ………………………………$175*

100cc to 125cc…………………………….$195*

200cc to 250cc…………………………….$215*

OVER 250cc CALL FOR PRICE *MOST POPULAR MODELS Be sure When Removing Crankshaft From Engine Not To Damage The Delicate Centers On Each End Of the Shaft.