Motorcycle Repair - Certified Mechanic in Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Honda!

Motorcycle Repair - Certified Mechanic in Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Honda!

Cylinder Repair

In a motorcycle, the function of the cylinder is to make sure that the pistons have a sealed place in which they can move. Motorcycles can have up to 6 cylinders, and they’re cast from iron so they can withstand extremely high temperatures. But they’re not indestructible, so they may break down after intense wear and tear. However, you don’t need to spend more money than necessary on getting a brand new cylinder. Instead, you can enjoy significant savings with high-quality cylinder repair.

There are several ways to repair a cylinder. These repair methods include welding, boring, sleeving, re-chroming, re-plating, and Nikasil recoating. You can even go for a powerful big bore kit that can boost both horsepower and torque for the ultimate improvement in performance.

With our Kustom Kraft Big Bore Kit, you have the modification that can truly improve the performance of your engine—at the lowest cost possible. Our big bore kits are reliable, they offer unbelievably large increases in torque at the low end, and the power is increased all throughout the whole powerband. The big bore kit increases your engine displacement, and such an increase directly boosts your torque.

Our big bore kits are suitable for all the popular brands, and most of them come with ProX, Wiseco, or JEracing pistons and gaskets. They also include a high-performance piston with piston rings, piston pin, and circlips. Most models also come with new top-end gaskets.

We can bore, sleeve, or re-Nikasil the cylinder to the new bigger size. We can modify the power valves you send in if it’s necessary so that they can work well with the new bore size. For some models, the cylinder head will have to be re-chambered for a proper volume and compression ratio.

This method remains one of the most affordable and yet also most durable methods of repairing worn or damaged cylinders. Sometimes the damage is too great for just a simple boring and honing repair. When that’s the case, we can put in a new hardened, durable, and boreable alloy steel sleeve.

Our expertise in this type of repair is widely acknowledged. In fact, the big plating companies send us the cylinders to put in a sleeve when they can’t re-plate it. And the cost is very minimal, as the price is half that of the price of a new cylinder.

We can strip and re-plate models with our ProX, Wiseco, or in some cases Wossner piston kits. These models range from 60cc to 500cc.

Cylinder Welding

Sometimes the cylinder may need some welding, and we can repair and weld fittings, damaged flanges, and gasket surfaces. But call us first before you send in your cylinder for welding. We will first need to discuss prices and instructions.


The cylinder bore finish needs to provide adequate support for the rings. It should retain oil, and it shouldn’t need an extended break-in period. The finish honing step gets rid of the torn and fractured metal, and it results in the kind of crosshatch and surface finish you need.

Port Chamfering

Some people treat this step as a mere minor detail, and they do it hurriedly. But that’s not right. We pay attention to this step because it allows for a smoother transition of the piston, especially the piston ring across the opening of the port. This in turn extends the life of the component, minimizes the wear and tear on the whole combustion chamber, and also cuts down on the overall mechanical losses.


As you can see, the rates we offer are very reasonable:

  • For all models, honing only costs $50.
  • Cylinder repair for a 2-stroke motorcycle includes honing to finish size and port chamfering, and it’s just for $65.
  • For the 4-stroke motorcycle, the service includes honing to finish size for just $50.
  • For the outboard block that also includes honing to finish size and port chamfering, the cost is only $75.

Have trouble with your cylinder? Callus, and together we can determine what kind of repairs and improvements we can perform for your motorcycle repair. We’ve been in the business of cylinder repair for more than 40 years, so we are the experts you want to call.

Why buy a new cylinder when you can save up to 50% over the cost of buying a brand new cylinder simply by repairing it? Let Kustom Kraft’s experts repair your cylinder. Choose from several types of cylinder repair all at reasonable prices. Cylinders can be repaired by boring, welding, sleeving, replating, re-chroming, or nikasil re-coating, and for the ultimate repair, a powerful big bore kit. It’s as easy as just a phone call.

Bore & Hone to next size is $110

Outboard Block Includes honing to finish size and champhering $75

Hone Only All models $50

For Cylinder Welding

We can weld and repair damaged flanges, fittings, and gasket surfaces. Please call for prices and instructions before sending your cylinder.